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How to dress like a pro for a lunch party like a bride?

Here are some dresses that you can pick if you want to flaunt the lunch party.

White is the ultimate pick:- White dresses and tank tops have long been a part of the French woman's wardrobe, ideal for after-wedding lunch parties, workdays, and weekends. An elegant white dress, whether made of crochet, eyelet lace, or broderie-Anglaise, flatters practically everyone and every body type. On a hot summer day, it's such a pleasant, breezy way to get ready. Pair your favorite white dress with white elegant trousers, strappy heeled sandals, or elegant accessories like a delicate necklace and summer basket for a French appearance. If you are unfamiliar with the world of French fashion, consider hiring a stylist who will help you with your style from the marriage to the brunch after the wedding.

2. Midi silk skirts:- French women will undoubtedly choose a breezy dress that allows

them to breathe in summer. Wait, that’s the motto of every woman on this earth, comfort before the special day. This next pick is quite simple, yes simplicity is the key for many french women, The silk skirt, like the slip dress, is another pick from day to night, depending on how they style it and the day they are dressing it for. For a daytime brunch, wear it with a white-fitting crochet-knit shirt, use light colors such as pale pink, beige, or ivory, which would be the ideal outfit for the lunch after the wedding. A silk midi skirt will amaze you with how elegant it makes you feel

3. Dresses in black lace:- This one is the epitome of femininity and innocence. Nothing

compares to Chantilly lace when it comes to creating a bride kind of appearance! With only underwear underneath, it may appear excessively provocative. However, you can choose a basic black underdress and highlight your waist with a black bow belt, and you'll have a stunning look for the wedding after-party!

Blazers:- It's no secret that French ladies adore blazers! The linen blazer is also a great summer jacket that can also be worn in pre-wedding and after-parties as it is light and airy. Blazers come in vibrant colors (beige is a popular choice), are lightweight, made of breathable materials, and work with just about everything.

People consider french women to be perfectionists on earth, why so? Do they have a formula that keeps them young and beautiful or it’s in their genes ( obviously fabulous mothers give birth to fabulous daughters), this might be the reason because they live in a land of culture and tradition, the reason could be anything our point is we also can try to pull the trendy and cultural french look, is this possible? Yes, just a few handy tips will do and consistency is the key.

Tips to keep in mind while dressing like french women.

  • French women tend to look for high-quality timeless clothing like polka dots and floral prints. They highly believe in the ultimate mantra of shopping, shop less, and never compromise the quality of clothing.

  • French women when it comes to clothing never compromise on comforts. Your wardrobe should not only have stylish clothes but it should have comfortable clothing too. Also, you must know your body shape, and choose the right outfit. Clothes should fit you perfectly so that you can wear them often.

  • Go for neutral tones, remember french women like to go for clothing that doesn’t have flashing and extravagant colors. If you want to dress like a Parisian girl, your clothes shouldn’t have more than three colors.

  • No makeup look, it will help you not being sticky, you will be cool when summers hit your place and if you want to go for makeup then don’t let people know, just pretend, that’s the game.

  • Remember, that all black is your always to go outfit

  • Simplicity is the key, if you want to dress like French women then avoid showing off and brand exposure. It should be all about subtle details, simplicity, and modesty. It's important to dress decently; flaunting one's wealth is unappealing.

If you want to have a look that is inspired by the clothing of french women, follow these tips and you can see the magic by yourself.

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