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6 different types of wedding dresses

We experienced many lows last year and the pandemic urged many women to reschedule their wedding plans. It also gave rise to two new terms: civil wedding and virtual wedding. To be honest, we were unfamiliar with the phrases before the pandemic, yet everything now required us to adjust to the new normal.

Unlike a traditional wedding, civil weddings are much smaller affairs, civil weddings are a terrific alternative for those who are unable to hold virtual weddings. Whether someone is planning a traditional, virtual or civil wedding, both require a stylish wedding dress.

Types of civil wedding dresses

It makes no difference what style of wedding you are performing; what matters is that it is your special day, and special days demand special attire. Here are some examples that you could wear to your civil wedding.

  • Ball gowns:- Every bride wanted to feel like a princess on her wedding day. This is the traditional gown and first preference of every bride. It has a big skirt and a fitted top and you can layer the skirt or the top with lace for a dramatic look.

  • Mermaid gowns:- The name is enough to define what it looks like. This gown is quite fitting through the top and bottom, just like a ball gown, so you can definitely show off your curves in it.

  • A-line gowns:- This is a classic look that looks good on everyone. It is flattering on all body types since it is fitted until the waist, where it flares out into a soft A-shape, thus the name.

  • Tea-length gowns:- the ankle-grazing silhouette is perfect if you're looking for a style that has both an old and modern' feel to it. The tea-length wedding gown is the ideal attire and has a distinct vintage charm that adds to its attractiveness.

  • Sheath and column gown:- They're similar, but they're not the same. The main distinction is that the column is more seamless and lighter. Fabrics like taffeta, brocade, or corded lace are frequently used to give the column gown structure.

  • New normal attire:- As equality is something that we constantly talk about, people have begun to switch roles. Previously, tuxedos were only worn by men; however, today's brides like to wear tuxedos for their weddings. These days, brides are even opting for bows and ruffles to provide a wow touch to their gowns.

For more varieties of wedding dresses, you can visit the Fannyliautard. They have numerous varieties of wedding gowns that will make your perfect wedding more perfect.

Make your special day memorable.

Last but not the least, always prioritize your comfort; wear whatever you are most at ease in. There is no specific rule on how a wedding should be. So wear your heart on your sleeves and don’t get carried away with what people are going to say. After all, it's your big day, and you get to choose what you wear. Being yourself will automatically put a smile on your face on your wedding day

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