Wedding dress designer,

Fanny Liautard creates collections of wedding dresses , dresses for small and large evenings , suits & tuxedos ,

nightwear and fashion accessories and sublimate your exceptional moments ...


Fanny's dresses delight me every time new and yet they do not display any ephemeral artifice linked to a fashion trend.

Their adorable, diaphanous, deliciously vaporous grace seems to outclass the currents to triumph over the vulnerability of the female body, its delicacy.

She creates an emotion of rare beauty that summons for me what I would dare to call the soul of the feminine , both soft and powerful .

Besides, wearing a Fanny dress on stage, borrowing this timeless elegance and its subtlety each time accompanies and nourishes my inspiration of the moment ...

So much so that - and I speak from experience - these dresses are in my eyes at the same time timeless , imbued with fairyland and magnificently contemporary .

Thank you dear Fanny ...

Delphine Volange