From dream to reality

Fanny Liautard has been a designer of wedding dresses for several years. Fun click, it was Princess Lady Diana who inspired it. Seeing her wedding, Fanny Liautard also wants to create a dress for her. And luck does things well, since this dress was very successful and it was then that Fanny Liautard began her career as a designer of wedding dresses.

His first inspiration: women. Fanny Liautard loves life and the happy moments it brings. She likes to say that she brings her creativity to life by making wedding dresses, as a way of expressing herself. With a light, refined and elegant style of dresses, the hostess knows how to transport us to her magical and romantic universe.

A unique dress for a unique bride

“Making a new dress is a first time every time”.

Fanny Liautard loves the emotions that her work gives her .

Each dress is unique because each bride is unique.

Fanny Liautard offers and creates all the clothes and accessories you need for the wedding ceremony. Wedding dresses, evening dresses , lingerie , jewelry, shoes, stoles, veils … When it comes to inspiration, the designer has no limits!

The main thing is to have quality products, which is why Fanny Liautard uses noble materials, such as silk.

Fanny Liautard, the designer of my wedding dress

You can contact Fanny Liautard via her website or her professional wedding showcase Mariage Serein. A first meeting is necessary to discuss together and share your expectations and your tastes. Fanny Liautard will then offer you dresses that suit you and highlight you.

In order to create a dress, Fanny Liautard works with several collaborators, craftsmen and masters of art ... It takes several months of work to achieve the perfect dress, of quality and above all 100% Made in France, which is why Fanny Liautard advises to contact her at least eight months in advance.